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We are a highly transparent asset manager who routes investment positions (equities, bonds, commodities) between zero and one hundred percent and thereby limit the client‘s investment risk.
We are regulated by Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin).

Our strict management approach clearly differentiates us from other asset managers.
We are a specialist for innovative ETF based investment solutions combined with a strict rule-based risk management which serves institutional standards. We exclusively act based on our strict rule based model. There is no room for personal decisions.

We define risk by maximum draw down as this measure is easier to understand as value at risk or volatility. Our success is easy to define. We aim for absolute positive returns - in up as well as down markets. We measure our - and our client’s - performance independently from any benchmark.

The experienced Managing partners, Götz J. Kirchhoff und Thomas W. Uhlmann, established ETFs in Europe. The 13-person AVANA team includes experienced investment professionals with a profound knowledge of the asset management as well as the ETF space.
Our medium-sized company enables an unbureaucratic and tailor-made service which can easily be judged by our clients success. We focus our services on investors with institutional standards.

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