Strict Risk Management

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) provide investors with the ideal investment building blocks. But how can you use all of these instruments effectively? This is where we can help! Strategic asset allocation determines 90% of investment success - this requires strict risk management.

The rule-based AVANA trend monitoring system forms the centrepiece of the investment process, as it provides for a strict management process. In contrast to the prevailing benchmark-oriented approach, this model actively controls the degree of investment. By identifying and taking advantage of trend movements in markets, it is possible to derive clear sell and buy signals. If the AVANA trend monitoring system provides a sale signal, we will consistently invest in money markets or other admissible assets. By using Short ETFs (share ETFs which are developing virtually inversely to the index), it is possible to achieve positive performance even during low phases.

Backtests and actually achieved results show that the risk-controlled AVANA strategy can achieve better performance than a buy & hold strategy over a market cycle.

The AVANA concept equally combines the advantages of ETFs - such as transparency, liquidity, and an unmatched cost advantage - with strict risk limitation.

Risk-oriented portfolio management with Exchange Traded Products (ETFs/ETCs) (PDF) »

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