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We are a bank-independent asset and risk manager focusing on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our strict management approach clearly differentiates us from other asset managers.

We offer active asset management on the basis of comprehensive asset allocation, along with the advantages offered by passive ETFs and rule-based risk management.

 The painful experiences gained since mid-2007 have shown that active risk management based on a technical trend monitoring system has become a necessity. Market research has shown that funds with these types of systems incurred significantly lower losses during low phases than active benchmark-oriented funds. During boom phases, trend monitoring systems can also achieve performance contributions which are similar to those of benchmarks. 

Götz J. Kirchhoff, Managing Partner of
AVANA Invest GmbH

 Our investment process is simple, transparent and very flexible, since it can be applied to all asset classes which feature ETFs. The investment universe is defined by the investor. 

Thomas W. Uhlmann, Managing Partner of
AVANA Invest GmbH

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