In our view, an optimally structured investment based on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) provides you with the best possible yield for a risk which you have specified, while maintaining the asset.

Careful fundamental and qualitative analyses (with stop-loss and stop-buy strategies) form the basis of the investment approach we have developed. Asset structuring is carried out according to the core satellite principle. In this vein, the core investment describes all investment securities (stock, bonds, money market, and alternatives) which are represented through ETFs. Our focus is on the active management of passive products (ETFs). In the case of satellite investments, we select high-performance investment forms which favour a high degree of diversification and also optimise portfolio growth.


Your own expectations regarding your investment play a crucial role in the implementation of our investment approach. Depending on the specifications regarding the investment objective, term, and risk profile, and in view of the current market situation, we will select the appropriate investment tailored to your individual requirements. In this context, we will also continuously adhere to our overriding objective of "absolute asset maintenance".

These premises along with our asset management know-how, combined with a strict risk management approach based on the AVANA trend monitoring system, enables us to implement our company philosophy of "taking advantage of opportunities, minimising risks" for you.

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