AVANA IndexTrend Europa Dynamic was the winner of the Feri EuroRating Award 2010

On November 24, 2009 Feri Euro Rating Services together with n-tv hosted the Feri Euro RatingAwards for the third time. In a ceremony at Schloß Bad Homburg the best funds and the best investment companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were cured. Funds were awarded in 15 categories, among them also the special category "Fund Innovations".

To our big surprise and joy our equity fund “AVANA IndexTrend Europe Dynamic” was the most convincing of five nominated funds and was able to win this special price.

We are extremely flattered that our equity strategy was honored only after so short time (date of inception was June 26, 2009). The funds were nominated and the winner was called by six independent experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

AVANA IndexTrend Europa Dynamic 

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